What Zipper Closure Materials are Available?

All of our plastic zippers operate as heavy-duty zip locking solutions and are available in:
• Flexible PVC
• Polyethylene
• Polyester
• Polypropylene
• Chlorinated Polyethylene
• Metallocene Polyolefin

Other TPO’s & TPE’s available for quote.
Please call 908-350-7993 to consult with a sales engineer about the right closure for your application.

What Attachment Methods are Available?

• Welding (preferred method) – See Weld Method Compatibility Chart
• Stitching – French Needle (double row), Lockstitch (4-5 stitches per inch)
• Bonding – Glue, Adhesives

What Closure Tools are Available?

Sliders and rollers are available according to the size and type of your high performance plastic zipper. Click to see closure tool compatibility charts: MaxiGrip | U-MaxiGrip

What Additives are Available?

• U.V. Stabilizers *
• Flame Retardant *
• Antifungal *
• Anti-oxidants *

*Requires additional lead times - 2 weeks after receipt of order

How Many Feet of Plastic Zipper per Spool?

Standard lengths are:
MX20 – 250'
MX28 – 175'
MX39 – 125'
MX53 – 100'
Custom lengths quoted on request.

 What Color Plastic Zippers are Available?

• Black
• White
• Natural
All others quoted on special request.

What is the Manufacturing Lead-time?

 5-6 weeks after receipt of order

Can MaxiGrip Plastic Zipper Turn a Corner and/or Radius?

Yes, please consult your MaxiGrip sales engineer for specific details relative to your application.

Does the MaxiGrip Barrier Protection Closure Need to be Lubricated?

Yes, we recommend that 303 Aerospace Protectant™ be applied post application to both sides of the plastic zipper track. See Maintenance for more information.

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